Join us for VBS!
Big Top Bible Heros

You're invited to Stilly Valley Church's Vacation Bible School!

4 days of fun: Sunday, July 7th - Wednesday July 10th learning about three of the Bible's Big Top Hero's!

Sunday, Monday & Tuesday: Kids days - kids arrive at 5:30pm for a light dinner and VBS will start at 6:00pm, ending at 8:00pm. Wednesday will be Family Night! The whole family is invited for family dinner at 6:00pm and the kids will show what they've learned over the last 3 days; plus Big Top games, treats and fun.

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Love God & Love People

We are here to serve.  Serve each other,  serve our comunity serve our Jesus.  We want you to come be a part of a family that doesn't have it all together,  but are moving forward together.  Shouldering each others burdens and sharing in the Good News together.  We want to keep it simple,  Love God and Love people.  Come be a part of the greatest call on your life,  to be a part of God's Kingdom,  be a disciple who makes disciples.

Wednesdays - Private Barn Location
Contact us for location address
Dinner @ 6pm, FREE
Family Worship @ 6:35pm
Bible Study @ 7:15pm